Resurrexit, Museo de arte contemporáneo, Valdivia (Chile) 2006

Resurrexit-Valdivia is a multimedia work comprising an installation and an athletic ‘performance’. For the performance, the (14) fourteen loaves of bread were placed on the embroidered handkerchiefs around an area of 10 kilometres adjacent to important historical sites, landmarks, monuments and buildings in the city of Valdivia, in the south of Chile. The artist then ran this circuit, dropping a branch of the Canelo tree as an offering as he passed each site. At the end of the performance, the loaves of bread and the embroidered handkerchiefs were collected by artists and student s of the New School of Visual Arts of the UACH (Universidad Austral de Chile) and lined up along the museum floor as a component of the installation.

Resurrexit-Valdivia is visual multidisciplinary reflection, made up of symbols that fluctuate in time and in human history… emblems which in essence make up my own identity. This work therefore allows me to explore themes related to my spirituality, my social role, and my physical and psychological make-up. Also, it confronts symbols and changes in the physical state, and allows me to de-construct and reconcile in my personal memory the myth of bodily/physical resurrection.

The installation components bear the emblematic weight of the dominating religion (my personal history). Moreover, the athletic performance/run is a competitive act of stamina and speed. The bodily stresses caused by speed, climatic influence, sweat and mental attitude undergo a transformation to become an act of faith and cleansing, all of which contribute to a personal understanding of a new symbolic “resurrection”.

Finally, Resurrexit is a new effort to release my identity from its religious/symbolic chains which are entrenched in my memory. Through this artistic act, I seek to illuminate my inner consciousness and experience first-hand another myth…the resurrection of my ancestral mind.

Artist statement

[Translation] “Four spruce trees are rooted and sprout from the body of an androgynous being, which floats and rises above a wavy emerald-green line of mountains. A caribou walks to the east, and a wolf darts across the middle of the landscape. The wolf and androgen forms intermingle. Overhead, a star shines. Below, a blue serpentine line marks the boundaries of this “territory” …Today, as we were paddling along the shoreline, I saw a grizzly bear making his way across the side of the Wernecke Mountains, and three Peregrine falcons flew over our raft.”
August 6, 2003: Snake River Journal – Yukon

From early childhood, my journals have been a precious personal possession. Their use has evolved and grown with time; they have matured as they follow my journey to become an instrument for recording my life history/story.

Many of these diaries disappeared due to life circumstances. I confess that I keep one such notebook of my past secured in a locked box! It was started in Buenos Aires, to bear witness to and map out my exile and uprooting from my homeland.

I reverently consult my journals that have come into being in these new Latitudes.
As I seek to decode their enigmatic entries…
I see clearly the words and symbols merge to create sweet or brutal poetry;
I see ideograms on paper, gestated and fed by social contradictions and life itself;
I see the red lines of the androgynous leitmotif representing my human “self” and my personal quest for a higher level of consciousness;
And finally, as I finger through their pages, I see a fragile creature of flesh and blood, fraught with feelings and emotions, on a never-ending journey of reconciliation with Heaven and Earth.

As I search for peace, my own territory and truth, my public artworks have, over the years, evolved to become installations and navigational charts painted out on camouflage textile, a metaphorical depiction of the conquest and militarization of our planet. These spaces and “life maps” combine symbols from fluctuating universal memory, emblems of Western culture and ideograms extracted from my personal Oracles.

Finally, re-enacting an ancient ritual, I turn to Nature and kneel before the Canelo, Cedar, Lengawood and Raulí trees *.
I implore them for healing, strips of their woody flesh becoming a part of my cartography as a sacred symbol of my ancestors from the Americas.

José Mansilla-Miranda, November 2007

“Mansilla-Miranda’s art expresses a search for a higher spiritual purpose in life. There is often a dialogue with the animal and plant world with each image presented hieratically on the flat painted surface. This makes his works a kind of cartography of the soul with each symbolic placement within a painting carrying a relative and synergistic weight in relation to the others. We read these painterly images and the living or more arcane elements they reference as a complex and layered form of experiential documentation, at a higher and less objective, above all intense level of expression” (John K. Grande, canadian curator and Montreal-based art critic).

* Canelo = Drimys winteri; Cedro = Thuja plicata; Lenga = Nothofagus pumilio; Raulí = Nothofagus alpina. All are sacred trees of the Aboriginal peoples of the Americas.


  • Born in Puerto Montt, Chile and Living in Canada since 1979. Canadian Citizen
  • Member of Le Groupe Agriculturel Artists’ Collective (1990-1996: Miguel A. Berlanga, Marion Bordier, José Mansilla-Miranda)
  • Member of the Cultural Leadership Committee, Ottawa (1995-1997)
  • Coordinator of the International Festival of Art and Culture, an homage to World Indigenous Peoples in the New Millennium, January 2000, Santiago, Chile
  • Project creator and coordinator of Migrations Nord/Sud-Sud/Nord, a cultural exchange between artists – Centre d’artistes Espace Virtuel, Ville de Saguenay (Chicoutimi), Artist Centre A Space, Toronto, Canada, and the Edesio Alvarado cultural centre (Calbuco) and the Matucana 100 arts centre (Santiago), both in Chile (March 2002)
  • Selected artist participant in the Boreal Rendezvous (July-September 2003)
  • Selected artist participant in the Sixth Rome Biennial of Contemporary Art (2006), Italy
  • Selected artist participant in the International Festival of Contemporary Arts “Body Navigation II”, St. Petersburg, Russia – TanzKontakt_Russia and the National Centre for Contemporary Art / NACCA (July 2006)



1989-91 Diploma of Graphic Design, Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON
1985-88 Diploma Program of Fine Arts, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB
1980-83 Diploma of Engineering Design, Red River Community College, Winnipeg, MB
1974-77 B.Sc., Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
1967-75 Theology, Holy Family Seminary, Santiago, Chile



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2006 Nueva Escuela de Artes Visuales, UACH - Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia, Chile
2006 Kenyon College (artist-in-residence in collaboration with Prof. Paola Vezzani), Gambier, Ohio, USA
2005 Taller Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (artist-in-residence), Punta Arenas, Chile
2003 Boreal Rendezvous, The Three Rivers Journey (Snake River), Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Yukon Chapter, Yukon Art Centre Gallery, Yukon, Canada (selected participant)
1999 Center for Metamedia, Plasy, Czech Republic (guest artist)
1999 Artist Centre SAW Gallery, Ottawa, ON (“José Mansilla-Miranda, Artist-in-Residence”)


2006 Canada Council for the Arts (Inter-ARTS travel grant)
2001 Canada Council for the Arts (travel grant)
2000 Canada Council for the Arts (travel grant)
2000 Ontario Arts Council (exhibition assistance)
1999 Canada Council for the Arts (mid-career creation/production grant)
1999 Canada Council for the Arts (travel grant)
1998 Canada Council for the Arts (travel grant)
1998 Special Award of the Jury, VII Biennial of Sacred Art -Painting 1998, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1998 Canadian Museums Association, (short-term study grant)
1997 Canada Council for the Arts (travel grant)
1996 Ministry of Heritage and Culture Canada (Le Groupe Agriculturel)
1996 Ontario Arts Council
1995 United Nations Canada, Canadian Committee for the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations, (Le Groupe Agriculturel)
1995 Ontario Arts Council, (Le Groupe Agriculturel).
1994 Government of Ontario, Ministry of Culture and Recreation, Arts Abroad, (Le Groupe Agriculturel)
1994 Canadian Museums Association (travel grant)
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1993 City of Ottawa, Department of Recreation and Culture, (Le Groupe Agriculturel)
1990 Ontario Arts Council
1980/87 Manitoba Folk Arts Council
1967/77 Ministry of Education of Chile, President of the Republic Scholarship
1970 Ministry of Education of Chile, Award for the creation of a mural titled La Crucifixión